About Us

Who is the Australian Sheepskin Association Inc. (ASA)?

Early in 2004, Deckers Outdoor Corporation threatened many Australian manufacturers and retailers of sheepskin products with legal action if they did not cease calling their sheepskin boots by their common name “ugg boots”.

A small group of these threatened manufacturers banded together to form the Australian Sheepskin Association Inc. to defend their right to use the ugg words – ug, ugh and ugg, and to promote genuine Australian made sheepskin products.

Today, the Australian Sheepskin Association Inc. continues as an industry organisation focused on promoting and protecting its member’s products and business both domestically and internationally.

Membership includes both manufacturers and resellers of sheepskin products manufactured in Australia.

Goals of the ASA

  • Promote, protect and preserve the manufacture and sales of Australian made sheepskin products,
  • To strive for a competitive, sustainable and viable sheepskin products manufacturing industry within Australia,
  • To defend the Australian made sheepskin goods industry from current and future challenges, and
  • To promote a highly quality standards across the industry

Who can apply for membership?

Australian manufacturers of genuine sheepskin products made in Australia. The ASA membership and logo license is only available to those members who wholly manufacture in Australia, or where the manufacturing cost of their registered sheepskin product range in Australia is a minimum of 75%, and where manufacturer’s products meet the substantial transformation test as stipulated by the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) for Australian Made claim.

Resellers (wholesalers and/or retailers) of sheepskin products made in Australia by ASA manufacturing members. Resellers must stock 75% or more of their sheepskin product range wholly made in Australia by an ASA manufacturing member.

Suppliers to the Australian sheepskin products manufacturing industry that either utilise Australian raw materials in the manufacture of their products or wholly manufacture products in Australia.