Australian Ugg Boots Pty Ltd

Address 1: 1/20 Capital Court
City: Braeside
State: Victoria
Zip Code: 3195
Country: Australia
Telephone: 03 9580 7272

Born in Australia a long time ago – Worn Everywhere, We’re Australian in more than name – our products are made in Australia by Australians with 100% sheepskin.

We all had a pair growing up and still do but it never stops to amaze us that the next generation is not less enthusiastic about them.

Wear them in or out, with socks or without, wear them in Chestnut or black, As long as you wear them proud. We do, We know you do too.

We will keep you warm, we will keep you comfortable and we will keep them real but above all we insist on keeping them Australian, Even if it’s not always easy, thanks to you, we do.

Australian Ugg Boots Pty Ltd