False Membership Claims

The following websites, and the businesses and owners behind these websites, are not members of the Australian Sheepskin Association, are not licensed to use our logo and as such the Australian Sheepskin Association cannot verify the nature and origins of their claims about their business or their products nor even know whether their products are Australian made, are Australian owned or even made from Australian sheepskins. As such the Australian Sheepskin Association recommends caution by the consumer as they have falsely stated on their websites about their affiliations with the Australian Sheepskin Association:


Beware of Fake Ugg Boots

Consumers should beware of fake ugg boots. The dictionary definition of an “ugg boot” is “a sheepskin boot with the wool on the inside”. An ugg boot must be made of real sheepskin. Due to the high cost of genuine sheepskin, one of the first warning bells will be a so called “ugg boot” advertised at a very cheap price. Make sure you have the genuine article before purchasing. Genuine sheepskin will outlast many synthetic products. Sheepskin is a natural product which breathes, absorbs moisture and provides a warmth and comfort superior to any synthetics. (Most synthetics become very smelly with wear). Real sheepskin has the wool tanned into the leather. Fake sheepskin can easily be recognized – if you part the fibers lining the boot with your fingers and there is a woven or knitted backing under the fibers it is NOT real sheepskin.

Care when buying online

Before buying online it’s a good idea to carefully read through the website. Check that there is a physical address for the company, a landline phone number (not a cell phone) and a legitimate email address you can contact. Most genuine businesses are more than happy to make this information available. So, before you hand over your credit card details do your homework. For peace of mind when buying online we recommend you buy from one of our members.